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About Us

TriCounty Gas opened it's doors on February 19, 2004 with one goal, to provide the best value to the propane customers in the Sheridan, Johnson and Campbell county area and to provide that service in the safest and most fair way possible.  We have grown and changed since then, but that goal has stayed the same and we meet that goal every day for hundreds of our loyal customers.

TriCounty Gas is a local family owned and operated propane business. Because we are local, our customers are also our neighbors. We come to know and care for our customers.


With the largest propane storage facilities in the area, TriCounty Gas ensures our customers always have the propane they need to keep their homes warm all winter long.  In addition to keeping our customers homes warm, the large storage also allows TriCounty Gas to blend the cost of propane over a longer period of time which helps to keep retail prices more stable for our customers.

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