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Terms and Payment Options


All invoices are due upon delivery.  Tank sales & installation (tank sets) appliance sales & service calls are due upon completion. 

We accept cash, checks, and money orders, Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. 

Budget Billing-

TriCounty Gas provides the customer the option of having the costs of their annual propane needs split into 11 monthly payments. This eliminates the large heating bills in the winter months.  The program is especially helpful if you are on fixed income.

How the program works

We take your last years history and add the total gallons used in those months.   We then calculate, projected propane prices, multiply the estimated gallon that will be used from May of the current year to April of the following year.  That total is divided by 11 monthly payments.  Do the unpredictable market and winter conditions, we have implemented two adjustment dates November and January.  This enables us to adjust your monthly payments to balance your account for the term of the program.

Annual recalculation-   March of the following year, we will once again calculate the last years usage, apply any credit that was left over from the previous year divide that by 11 months for the new payment schedule. 


            Requirements for Budget Billing-

  • Twelve months of propane usage history

  • Your Tank must be full at the beginning of the budget billing program

  • Account must be current to apply for Budget billing program

  • Have a TriCounty Gas application for Propane Service on file

  • An application for Budget billing signed and on file

  • Budget amount is due the 15th of the billing month

  • If Budget amount is not paid monthly, the account will be removed from the program.

 *Monthly Budget Billing amounts may be adjusted due to circumstances beyond our control such as gallons used and the price of propane. These adjustments will be made in November and January if necessary.

Contracts (Pre Buy)-

Depending on market conditions and availability, TriCounty Gas offers Pre Buy to customers who prefer to lock in their winter heating cost.  This is where you would order and pay for propane in advance that would be delivered during the major heating season months October through March.  This is generally offered in the spring or early summer.  Customers wanting more information on Pre Buy, please call one of our offices.

Pre Pay-

TriCounty Gas offers the opportunity for customer or family member to pay in advance for propane to be delivered at a later date.


C.O.D accounts will be reviewed on an individual basis.


TriCounty Gas partners with the State of Wyoming in helping those customers who need assistance with their propane needs.