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Establishing service with TriCounty Gas can be done in two ways.  You can fill out the Application for Propane Gas Service on line and submitted it, or call our office and we will mail you an application. 

Type of Propane Service needed

Questions to ask yourself-

            Do you own or rent your propane tank?

            Are you considering switching suppliers? 

            Adding an addition to your home?

            Are you adding additional propane appliances?


New construction-

If you are building a new home or shop, TriCounty Gas will help determine the size of propane tank you will need, location where the tank will work best, size of pipe to handle the load at the location and answer any other questions you might have to insure your propane needs will be met.


Propane Tanks-

If a propane tank is required TriCounty Gas stocks tanks for sale.


Safety Check-

For our Insurance Company and the safety of our customers, Safety Checks are required on all new accounts or new construction before a delivery can be made. 


Type of Service-

TriCounty Gas offers two types of delivery services, Premier Service and Will Call.  Both of these services are explained on our Delivery Service page.  We recommend the Premier Service, where customer gets the best pricing with no additional limitations or charges and never have to worry about running out of propane.  The second type of service is Will Call. This is where the customer takes the responsibility of monitoring there propane levels and calling our office at least 10 days before delivery will be needed or when your tank level reaches 20%.  This allows our drivers enough time to get your tank filled before it runs out of propane. 



TriCounty Gas offers Budget Billing, Pre Buy and Pre Pay. We partner with Wyoming LIEAP, and accept most major credit cards.



The rest is easy, once the propane needs are established, Safety Check completed and Premier Service agreement is signed (if chosen), deliveries can begin.


Need more help-

Just call office and one of our friendly TriCounty Gas representatives will be glad to help. Still have questions, we will come to your location to review your propane needs.