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Bulk Propane

With the biggest storage facility in the surrounding area, TriCounty Gas has the ability to handle all your bulk delivery needs.

Tank Sales

TriCounty Gas stocks new 250, 500, and 1000 gallon propane tanks.  We also stock 1000 gallon underground tanks.  These tanks are always in stock and ready to serve your needs. If you are in need of other propane accessories, or would like more information on propane tanks please call one of our offices

Quality Steel Propane Tanks  


                                     Above Ground 1000 Gallon

                                     Above Ground 500 Gallon

                                             Above Ground  250 Gallon


                                     Under Ground 1000 Gallon

                                     Under Ground 500 Gallon

                             Under Ground Tanks require an anode

                                        1000 Gallon 32 lb. Anode

                                         500 Gallon 17 lb. Anode


 HD-5 Propane

TriCounty Gas uses nothing but the best propane which is HD-5. HD-5 is the highest grade of propane available for consumers in the United States. HD-5 Consists of a minimum of 90% Propane, a maximum of 5% propylene which is used in the manufacture of plastics, and the remainder gases that contribute the the HD-5 are iso-butane, butane and methane etc.


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