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Delivery Programs

Premier Service-

Premier Service is where TriCounty Gas takes the responsibly of maintaining the customers propane level and  making sure that customer never runs out of propane.  With the Premier Service agreement, this allows us to make deliveries on our regular routed schedules for the duration of the program.  There is no minimum delivery restriction, RCC fee, fuel surcharge, or off routes after hours charge, unless customer requests delivery.  Premier Service also receives a discount off our base price.

By choosing this Premier Service program the customer has our Out of Gas guarantee.  If the customer runs out of propane,  TriCounty gas will immediately make a delivery of propane, perform leak check  and relight all pilots at no charge and take $75.00 off the invoice.

Will Call-

To maximize our deliveries, TriCounty Gas endeavors to run set schedules for different routes during the heating season, Oct. to March.  Customers who wish to monitor their own tank levels should call our offices at least 10 days before their route or when their tank level is at 30%. This insures customer will receive their delivery on the next routed schedule.   Customers electing the ‘WILL CALL’   program take the responsibility of their propane levels and calling our office for delivery. TriCounty Gas establishes a Base rate according to current market conditions and pricing.  Minimum deliveries is 200 gallons of propane any,  delivery made that is less than 200 gallons will be charged an additional fee.  Premier Customers are exempt from these charges.